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okay here are my diy vegan beauty secrets. are you ready. mix up coconut oil, brown sugar and lemon juice to lighten up tans/get rid of freckles two or three times a week. boil water for tea in a pot and use the steam to open your pores in the morning before you exfoliate. use…

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Anonymous asked: How would you go about updating your wardrobe? I'm trying to develop a style but I never look at anything except the very basics..



basics are really all you need, so you’re in luck— you just need to throw in a few statement pieces.

i’d say it’s a multi-step process. first, find a photo (or a few) that really capture your Look. you really want something that has the vast majority of the look in the shot:

This is pretty good. we have the shoes, socks, top, bottom, accessories and the head in both of these. let’s next make a list of what we like about it, and see what the similarities are:

  1. both are wearing flat shoes, even if one’s a platform
  2. they’re both wearing ankle socks
  3. they’re both wearing dresses that layer
  4. they’re both wearing big sweaters
  5. they both have very minimal accessories
  6. they both have short hair, with a focus on minimal makeup

i bolded that for a reason, but we’ll get back to that.

choose about three colours (at least one should be black, grey or white) as well as a metal (silver or gold) and buy your statement pieces using those. for instance, if i were to use gold, blue, black and tan/cream as my colours, my statement pieces might be something like this:

here we have all the jewelry you’d need for something with minimal detail, as well as some key dresses that can be layers, shoes that go with everything but still pop, and a basic but really nice striped shirt.

next, you’d add in your basics. for this look, you’d probably need socks, tights, another layering stable like that denim frock, some button ups, and a sweater or two. let’s grab some of those in the neutral colours we chose (black and cream).

OK! we added in quite a lot. you now have cardigans, sweaters, a short sleeved collared shirt for either hot days or layering, accessories, a big rain coat, a nice dress, two shoes, socks of all kinds, and two staples for layering. you could throw in some shorts or jeans here, but that’s not the look we’re going for.

let’s go back to that bolded mark in the list we made earlier. our photos both feature people with a chopped bob and minimal makeup with an emphasis on clear skin, pink lips and winged eyeliner. if you’re looking to recreate an entire vibe and the clothes aren’t doing it for you, it’s probably because what appeals to you is the whole package. let’s throw in products for that.

there you go! i threw in the bob & the styling tools, the makeup, one more pair of shoes (some simple flats!) and some music too. from here, it’s pretty easy to expand this into hundreds more outfits with just a white button up here, a high-waisted skirt there, and a few more shirts.

hope this helped!

Anonymous asked: how did you meet Dan? You two seem very good together.



 i stood in a field and screamed for like three hours a day on and off for four or five weeks and one day i came home and he was in my kitchen making me cookies

Anonymous asked: Kiki! I'm about to move from a tropical island to Europe and have no idea how to put together a winter wardrobe, where to start, or how to layer without looking like a marshmallow puff! Help!



this is something i made a friend of mine 2-3 years ago on how to layer and even though i’d change a few pieces it generally applies:

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